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Please let us know of any concerns you have relating to your experience at K10 and we will ensure that you receive a prompt and personal response. Your suggestions, comments and feedback are an essential part of our success and we really appreciate all constructive feedback.

We do also enjoy receiving positive feedback so please do not hesitate to sing our praises as it motivates our team no end!


At K10 we use thigh meat for our chicken Katsu. We do this because it has more avour and holds up much better for takeaway and delivery than breast meat which becomes dry very quickly.

We do not use processed, bleached, or frozen chicken meat. We use fresh ‘Grade A’ chicken purchased locally from Porterford’s Butchers, based around the corner from us right here in the City of London.

We prepare our chicken in-house. We believe this sets us apart from others in the market, many of whom use factory produced, out-of-a packet, processed chicken, imported frozen from Asia. Our Katsu curry sauce is all homemade. We are also very proud of our Japanese Curry Sauce. We use an authentic curry base from Japan to which we add lots of fresh vegetables and time. We never water down our sauce or add thickeners. The end product is just delicious with our crispy chicken katsu and as a base for our new curry Udon noodles.

Our chicken katsu and curry sauce cost us more and does involve more work however we believe the end result is a more natural, better quality and tastier dish. We also cut every chicken katsu piece to order. We never pre-pack your order, that way we ensure it is as fresh as possible.
We are often asked if our chicken is fully cooked as quite often customers notice brown or pink meat in their katsu. The answer is categorically YES!

Our chicken is thoroughly cooked and the process is consistent, standardised and strictly monitored using the most advanced kitchen equipment. We temperature check all our chicken dishes, visually inspect them and regularly taste our food throughout lunch to ensure it is up to the standard you expect from K10.

The main technical reason for the pink/brown colour of chicken thigh meat is that pigment from the bone or haemoglobin in the muscle reacts to heat and may colour the meat during the cooking process. This is a common feature of cooked thigh meat and is no cause for concern. You will also notice that the juice from the chicken katsu is clear - another sign that the chicken is thoroughly cooked.

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